Thai Massage Summer School with Zoltán Gyorgyovics in UKRAINE





















A beautiful camping spot on the bank of the Dniester river in Western Ukraine.


Two 5-day workshops one after the other. Same location, same teacher. Dynamic Thai Massage and Therapy Thai Osteo (osteothai Zoltan style).

WORKSHOP 1. 15.08-20.08 DYNAMIC THAI MASSAGE. (from now on DTM)

Ancient techniques from the North of Thailand, injustly forgotten in the recent time. The basis of DTM is rhythm. The main technique is rocking that helps the therapist to reach several areas of the client's body in a single movement. The impulse in some techniques can be so strong that the whole body participates. For example, it is quite easy to reach the head while rocking the foot, if you know how to rock. The workshop will offer a range of dynamic techniques, such as "the Russian dance", "the banana", "the bus driver" and so on.

21.08 - the day of rest and surprise (food provided)














WORKSHOP 2. 22.08-27.08 THERAPY THAI OSTEO (similar to osteothai).

A modern trend in thai massage that comes from mixing the traditional thai techniques and principles with the techniques and principles of osteopathy. The workshop will focus on the main joints of the body

- ankle,
- knee,
- hip,
- sacroiliac,
- shoulder,
- elbow,
- wrist.

And you will get techniques for testing and mobilizing each of them. Based on G.O.T. method (general osteopathic treatment).

The workshops are closely interconnected. Yet the techniques offered are quite different. The dynamic techniques work on several body areas at one time, they are more general and more holistic. Osteothai is more precise and works on a specific body area. Both are quite distinct from the traditional static pressure-stretching, taught by most schools of thai massage. But no less effective. Everything Zoltán teaches has been checked many a time by his own vast hands-on experience.

Reviews from similar retreats during the last 3 years by the tag #zozoinua (most in Russian but some in English and French also)


Each of the two workshops is a little retreat, a total immersion for 6 days. At a camping spot between an oak forest and the Dniester River. The nearest human settlement (Kosmyryn village) is 30 mins walk from the site.

The classes will be taught in English with consecutive interpretation into Russian.

Maximum number of students for each workshop - 16.


The price of one workshop is ALL-INCLUSIVE (your only other expense is your trip to Ivano-Frankivsk - the nearest city):

- 2 3-hour classes daily (30+ hours during the 5-day course);

- all additional classes (meditation and yoga every morning);

- three healthy and varied meals per day (cooked over an open 🔥);

- accommodation (one tent per person and sleeping staff);

- all additional activities (hot stone sauna, walking trip to a nearby waterfall);

- transfer from and to Ivano-Frankivsk railway station;

- Sunshine Network Certificate.

The early-bird price for each of the two workshops is 370 EURO, provided that you register before 1st of June. If you choose to take part in both workshops, there is a discount - 640 EURO for both.

After 1st of June one 5-day workshop is 400 EURO. Both workshops are 700 EURO.

After 3rd of August we do not accept any more applications for administrative reasons.

Registration and questions

Please contact Миша Шаргородский (Misha Sharhorodsky) via Facebook or call +380671927379 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

All questions about the workshops via personal messages to the organiser Миша Шаргородский (Misha Sharhorodsky) or by phone +380671927379 (WhatsApp, Viber)

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