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7 Basic Principles of Thai Massage

1.) TOUCH - finding the perfect touch. Fulness of touch.

Precision. Care. Love. Sensitivity.

Security. To make the receiver feel safe and loved.

The whole hand engaged - yet fingers relaxed

and soft.

“… seeing, feeling, thinking fingers….” (William Gerner Sutherland)

2.) PARTICIPATION - to be fully engaged in what we are doing.

With our mind, with our hearts

and with our bodies. Being in the present moment.

Open to whatever is happening underneath

our hands. Ready to adapt and adjust to the need of the receiver.

3.) POSTURE- always make sure, you are comfortable in your posture.

4.) CENTERING - maintaining our centre. Grounded, connected, balanced.

5.) GRAVITY - Using our bodyweight and the gravity to sink into the body instead of using

muscular power. In this way we can sink deeper with grace and without having to fight. We can

not go too deep but only too fast!!

6.) DANCE - the beauty of transitions. To move from one pose to the other as one unity. Smooth

and fluid. With as little effort as necessary. With rhythm and grace.

7.) PRAYER & GRATITUDE - ask for guidance, leaving your own story behind. Hold space and

remain compassionate and detached. Without entering the “emotional soup”. End every session

with a prayer and a sense of gratitude and humbleness.

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