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with Zoltan Gyorgyovics  

Saturday, 7th October 2023 
14.00 - 18.00 

@ VOLTA YOGA in Basel 
Aeschenvorstadt 57, 4051 Basel 

The way Zoltan is teaching Thai Massage is very unique and always

adjusted and refined to the needs of the participants individually. 

Zoltan is incredibly gifted in his intuitive approach and high sensitivity.

He loves to give a lot of personal support to all of his students and has a

huge capacity in sharing his knowledge limitless!



Thai Massage is an ancient healing art based on the principles of yoga philosophy. The practitioner uses the physical body as a tool to access the subtle bodies, in order to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing and balance. Blockages can be released and the energy restored to its natural flow by the application of rhythmic pressure on energy lines throughout the entire body, the stretching of muscles inspired by yoga-asanas and the mobilization of the main joints.  Because this massage is working on the different body layers the release works on an emotional, energetic and physical level. Thai Yoga Massage could be seen as a moving meditation. When performed with awareness, equanimity and loving kindness, practicing Thai Massage trains the body, the mind and the heart. It becomes a mutual meditation and a powerful energetic exchange with many benefits for both giver and receiver.



• Anybody wishing to learn how to work with the body and discover new and deeper ways of touching and relating

• Yoga students & teachers, physiotherapists, shiatsu therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists (…) who want to broaden their skills and deepen their existing practice

• Or in other words, the course is open to all, with an openness and affinity to give and receive on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

• Since Thai Yoga Massage is done on massage mats on the ground, a basic physical ability to spend time on the ground is the only physical requirement for participation


100.- / 80.- reduced

SIGN UP: / "CONTACT" via this Website 

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