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Thai Massage Workshop


with Zoltan Gyorgyovics

Saturday, 20. May 2023 &  Sunday, 21. May 2023

@ Schaffhauserrheinweg 55, Basel

This weekend workshop is designed for Thai massage practitioners and bodyworkers with passion to dive deeper in to the fascinating world of healing touch...

The main focus on the weekend will be on THE SPINE with the different approaches, that Zoltan will combine in his teachings:

We will learn the location and running of the central energy line "sen sumana" from traditional thai massage. By applying passive stretches, mobilizations and acupressure along the pathway of the line we want to remove obstacles for the prana to express itself freely.
With gentle techniques from osteopathy we will have a look at the vertebral colon itself, the mobility of the spine from bottom to top, the muscular and fascial systems involved and learn and understand more about the connections to the pelvis, head, extremities and visceral level
We will apply some principles from craniosacral therapy and biodynamics to get in touch with the cerebrospinal fluid and the dura mater, which is connecting the skull all the way down to the sacrum.



8 – 9 Meditation and Yoga
9 – 10 Breakfast
10 – 13 Part 1
13 – 14 Lunch
14 – 17 Part 2


The workshops are totally open to participants of all backgrounds.
If you are new to Thai Massage or bodywork in general, this workshop will give you the basic foundations of Thai Massage - with some additional flavors from the osteopathic and biodynamic traditions.
For those having already some experience in this or any other kind of bodywork, there will be space to refine techniques individually, sharing experiences and further discussions so we can make our treatments more efficient according to the need of your patients.
A strong emphasis will be given to working with good posture, in a relaxed manner, with the application of vipassana and metta meditation.
There will be a focus on the quality of touch, as all healing happens as a result of the mental state, mental contents, concentration and emotional state of the giver.
So instead of a course with a fixed curriculum, you should imagine a course where everybody receives material according to their level of practice.

Schaffhauserrheinweg 55, Basel

320.- including light breakfast and vegetarian lunch

Space is limited to 10 participants so we have a beautiful familiar setting and lots of space for individual support and guidance.

To save your spot, please send an e-mail to and further information will be given.


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